Stay Afloat

Stay Afloat is a 2 hour workshop designed to refresh and reconnect agency staff – as individuals and as a team – to focus their energy and strengths in work and the practice of community building.

By bringing the resiliency and wisdom found in global oral storytelling we raise the “village of service providers” who do the important and hard work of “raising the village” in communities.

Participants gain an understanding of how storytelling has not only has been used as entertainment but as a way of imparting education, connection, and empowerment. Participants learn practical tools for any community work setting that may also be used in their personal lives.

What to expect

Skilled facilitators deliver an interactive session of storytelling to support individual and collective resiliency, strength, and joy.

Participants are encouraged to reflect and explore the many ways to build on their own personal resiliency skills to overcome challenges, increase their empathy and appreciation for diversity, and learn new ways to create moments of delight in their work.

Stay Afloat not only builds/enhances resiliency skills but also subtly addresses racism, colonialism, poverty, migration etc.


While originally developed to support service providers who were personally and professionally depleted during the past few challenging years of the pandemic, we continue to offer the resiliency skills building workshop Stay Afloat as a very relevant focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

While our collective resiliency was put to the test throughout the worst of the pandemic, as we navigate the present and future, we need to continue to create work cultures that promote good emotional health. The intangible benefit of supported leader/staff/volunteer wellbeing is critical for retention in today’s work environment.

The Workshop: Designed for 1 agency/team at a time.

Online Zoom sessions

60 Minutes = $50 per agency, minimum of 5 attendees.90 Minutes = $75 per agency, minimum of 5 attendees

In person with agency host space

60 Minutes = $70, minimum of 8 attendees90 Minutes – $105, minimum of 8 attendees

Custom Sessions available by request.