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During the first year after receiving the training certificate, the WGM mentor/trainer will keep in touch with WGM program leaders who need extra guidance or tips about activities and skills-building workshops.

Program leaders can expect:

  • Communication through e-mail, Zoom, or in-person.
  • On-site visits according to C4F mentoring rules.
  • After each on-site or online mentoring for a WGM session, the program leader will receive feedback and the chance to debrief. The mentor/trainer will ask what went well and what needs more attention, about challenges and how C4F can help with extra mentoring and resources.
  • What does the mentor/trainer do during mentoring visits? They become part of the group as any other participant- jump, sing, and mix within the group. They will make sure to allow the program leaders to be as comfortable as they can. This will help the program leader facilitate without feeling that this a test.