Our Workshops and Trainings

Each of these trainings can to tailored to your agency needs.  They can be offered in person or via Zoom.

Wiggle, Giggle & Munch Facilitator Training

  • This 8-hour facilitator training teaches you to run WGM, A physical activity and nutrition program for preschoolers and their parents
  • Wiggle Giggle & Munch promotes physical literacy, healthy nutrition while having fun for children 1-4 years old and their families

Tapping into Resiliency

  • exploring ways of building on resiliency skills through the lens of oral stories we share
  • Empowers service providers working with children and parents with transferrable resiliency skills through storytelling


Gentle Heroes: Men as Nurturing Caregivers

  • This workshop shares the value of storytelling, models different methods, and develops prompts to help male caregivers create their own stories for their children.
  • Participants will cultivate expertise in storytelling to connect their experiences with gentle heroes to foster empathy and gentleness in the new generation. This enhances the well-being of children in their care and passes on knowledge, culture, language, enhance attachment through the fun and engaging elements of storytelling.


Wiggling, Giggling & Munching with stories

  • Learn to use active storytelling in your programs


Outdoor Play Fundamentals

Topics include:

  • The importance of outdoor play for early childhood development
  • Four fundamentals of successful outdoor play which touches on sensory play, child-led play, play with loose parts, and risky play
  • Other topics touched on include parental/caregiver roles related to outdoor play, and how to utilize space and resources easily accessible to anyone
  • Participants will also be directed to links and resources for practical ideas and activities