Our Workshops and Trainings

All trainings can be customized to suit your agencies needs. Each is available in person or via Zoom.

C4F serves downtown Winnipeg and is available to provide training and workshops outside of downtown and across Manitoba. Thanks to our core funding, downtown agency rates will be free or low-cost. All outside downtown rates charged are invested in the ongoing development of facilitator and early-childhood agency resources.

Have an idea for a workshop or training your agency would like to see offered? Let us know.

Wiggle, Giggle & Munch Facilitator Training

Wiggle, Giggle & Munch is a a physical activity and nutrition program for preschoolers and their parents. Typical WGM programs are offered once per week (in 6-10 week sessions) and hosted by family-focused agencies. WGM is designed to promote physical literacy, nutritious snacks and to encourage play and curiosity for children 1-4 years old along with their families.

This training is an 8 hour workshop (1 day or divided over multiple days, depending on delivery)

What you’ll get!

In this facilitator training you will learn:

  • how to run our own WGM program
  • what kinds of snacks to serve to ensure variety and curiosity with your attending families
  • songs and rhymes that encourage movement in little ones (and their parents)
  • games, activities and ideas to get families moving and playing together – using all kinds of movement!

When you register for a WGM training, you ALSO receive 4 refresher workshops and 2 additional C4F workshops for FREE per year.

Workshop Fees

$10 – for those serving downtown residents

$65 for those outside of downtown Winnipeg + $25 for the hard-copy manual (digital copies are free).


Would you like to coordinate a training for your agency? Minimum 6 registrants and we can offer you a custom workshop.

Contact Chris to discuss your next WGM training workshop.

Outdoor Play Fundamentals

In this workshop you’ll discover that playing outside is a basic childhood need crucial for children’s healthy development. Playing outside allows children to:

  • feel more freedom
  • make a lot of noise
  • be more physically active
  • and play in many unique and diverse ways.

Children use their imagination and creativity to define the way they see and experience the world through playing outdoors.

Workshop topics include:

  • The importance of outdoor play for early childhood development
  • Four fundamentals of successful outdoor play which touches on sensory play, child-led play, play with loose parts, and risky play
  • Parental/caregiver roles related to outdoor play, and how to utilize space and resources easily accessible to anyone
  • Additional links and resources for practical ideas and activities

Would you like to coordinate a training for your agency? Minimum 6 registrants and we can offer you a custom workshop.

Contact Cheri to discuss your next outdoor play workshop.

Wiggling, Giggling with Stories

This is a 1-hour refresher designed to share great ideas and inspiration for active story-telling in your parent-child programming.

No matter what program you are delivering, if you are encouraging story-telling and creative expression through play, this workshop will help you gain confidence in leading story-telling activities as well as in encouraging parents and children to participate openly.

These workshops are FREE and open to all downtown service agencies or those serving families outside of downtown Winnipeg. Those who have been trained in Wiggle, Giggle & Munch are welcome at least 4 times per year to participate.

Contact Chris to register for our next Wiggling & Giggling with Stories workshop.

Tapping into Resiliency

  • exploring ways of building on resiliency skills through the lens of oral stories we share
  • Empowers service providers working with children and parents with transferrable resiliency skills through storytelling

This workshop is not currently offered in our regular schedule of public trainings.

If your agency is interested in a custom TRTS workshop, please contact Corrie to coordinate.

Gentle Heroes: Men as Nurturing Caregivers

This workshop shares the value of storytelling, models different methods, and develops prompts to help male caregivers create their own stories for their children.

  • Participants will cultivate expertise in storytelling to connect their experiences with gentle heroes to foster empathy and gentleness in the new generation.
  • This enhances the well-being of children in their care and passes on knowledge, culture, language, enhance attachment through the fun and engaging elements of storytelling.

This workshop is not currently offered in our regular schedule of public trainings.

If you are interested in offering a Gentle Heroes program in your agency, please contact Corrie.


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