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755 Portage Ave., St Matthews R3G0N2
Phone Number: 204.940.6669

Breastfeeding Buddies is a weekly drop-in breastfeeding support group in the West End of Downtown. This program services clients from various parts of the Downtown Community Area. Breastfeeding Buddies provides support for breastfeeding families, and information on topics related to breastfeeding, parenting and healthy child development.

The target population is: breastfeeding women and infants under 1 year of age; women who need support to initiate breastfeeding; women who need support to continue breastfeeding; women with breastfeeding challenges.

All women are welcome at Breastfeeding Buddies whether breastfeeding or formula feeding. Women that are formula feeding have still felt supported at Breastfeeding Buddies.

Women are often told about the group through their area Public Health Nurse, Midwife or word of mouth.